Best friends
Hi Bobby, thought I'd check in with you
and let you see how Casper is. He is
the sweetest kitten I've ever had. He
loves to come jump in your lap and
nap. As you can tell he's very
I'm just relaxing
This im my basket not yours
Take my photo please!
I had a rough day at the office
Helping mom wrap the presents
Monitoring the area
What is that?
This is my chair
Mom take my photo
Our new Mantle piece
Is it time to leave yet?
My new "mommy"
Dear Bobby,

Dean and I want to let you know what a wonderful kitten Billy Bleu, our blue point mitted Ragdoll, is and how happy we are with
him.  His beauty goes without saying, his markings and coloring are beautiful, with his beautiful blue eyes and his "rabbit fur" soft
luxurious coat.  He was litter trained from day one for us, wonderfully socialized for a 9 week old kitten and has a TON of
personality.  I have  had great cats my entire lives including Ragdolls, but this guy is truly a remarkable, wonderful kitten.  He very
rambunctious, always has a project going on, curious about everyone and everything, and for a cat, extremely clever minded; he
doesn't miss a thing and keeps us laughing!  Billy Bleu is very affectionate, comes quickly when he is called by name, greets us at
the door, and cuddles with us in the evening when he is done playing. In general he is always with one of us all the time.  We just
love him and could not be happier!  You did a great job with this guy, from his breeding, to his socializing and training.  We could
tell from the minute we got him home that he was a well-loved, lucky, kitten.

He will continue to be well loved and spoiled, Bobby. Yes, Bobby, we are very satisfied with our guy :)

Happy New Year and please keep me posted about your new litter. I would love to see some pictures when you have them.

Take good care, Margaret